Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks Grosgrain Stirrup Buckle Belt


Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks' stirrup buckle belts capture the classic look of traditional European woven ribbon browbands -- with a contemporary twist. Hand crafted with grosgrain ribbon woven around a comfortable, flexible webbing base and lined with soft chap leather, these belts are finished with the finest quality American bridle leather and a traditional English stirrup buckle. The ribbon sections are pre-treated to resist stains so they maintain their vibrant colors through hard use and long wear. A periodic wipe with a clean, damp sponge will keep them looking their best whether you're spending your days at a horse show, at the barn, or at the office.

SIZE: 1.5"-wide, available in even sizes from 28" to 48," measured from the point where the buckle attaches to the leather, to the middle hole. Custom sizes also available.

**PLEASE NOTE** Typically, your Stirrup Buckle Belt size will NOT match the size of your pants or britches (and may vary by as much as several inches). Please measure carefully to ensure a proper fit. 


*KRISTINA: natural leather, stainless hardware, tones of mint and aqua in the Dealbreaker (wide) pattern.

*TIFFANY II: black leather, stainless hardware, lilac and grey in the Vavoom (wide) pattern.

*BROOKE: black leather, stainless hardware, metallic silver and navy in the Dealbreaker (wide) pattern.

*STORM TROOPER: black leather, stainless hardware, black and white grosgrain in the Boy-O-Boy (narrow) weave pattern.

*ARIZONA: Havana leather, stainless hardware, blue, grey and red grosgrain in the Vavoom (narrow) pattern.

*SAGAPONACK: Havana leather, brass hardware, tone-on-tone pink, mauve and plum in the Vavoom (wide) pattern.

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